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An accumulation of small prizes

You know, I'm just not a "little wonderful things, aren't they wonderful" kind of guy. I don't rap waxodic over sunsets and children's smiles. But who could have predicted that I'd find out my primary care physician hates his office staff as much as I do? Which makes him not (as supposed) an enemy, but a gleeful ally.

Life is good.

And then the low-carb pasta I bought on the web turned out to actually be great. I didn't have to use my imagination at all--dinner was the macaroni and cheese of my childhood, no pretending required.

Life is savory. So is today's lunch.

And then a minor online ruckus I ill-advisedly got involved in showed signs of turning out well.

Life is surprising.

And then--ah, I recall with a nostalgic smile those halcyon days of yore, those days of golden light, when we said things to each other like "Let's just hope they get most of the way to term."

Now we're saying things like "Maybe if you jump up and down."

Life is almost as good as it can get.

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