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The jerk at Starbucks

I was a complete dick today to a guy who was mean to Kathleen at Starbucks. She hobbled there a couple weeks ago on her first day out, and while she was waiting for a table she'd been offered by its departing resident, this guy did a little end run and grabbed it. She told him she'd was recovering from surgery and asked if he'd mind if she could please sit at the table, and he said yes he did mind, he had important work to do on his laptop.

I got a complete description from her.

Today I was walking in with my panniers, heading for an open table, and this guy matching the description--a regular I recognize--jumped up from the bar and darted over there with his laptop.

I said "You're the guy who was a prick to my wife..."

And it kind of escalated from there. Words were exchanged. Tempers were lit. No blows. He ended up sitting at his table, staring out the window instead of getting his work done, which I consider sufficient punishment. I got mine done.

Now, on the one hand, a better course would have been to sit down at his table, tell him quietly what he'd done, and give him the background. That way, he'd feel ashamed but not resentful. On the other hand, saying something is better than not saying anything. So it's a wash, but not a win.

I haven't decided yet whether to buy him a cup of coffee and apologize when I see him again, or say "Hello" every time he's there just to torment him.

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