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Goddamn. I was almost thankful for the two-hour scream-and-fuss fest that took me away from the Grammys. I never watch them, but my sister's in town.

The country music sequence had to be the low point, at least before I got called away by bottles and diapers. Is that really the cream of the scene? There must have been someone else they could have gotten. Maybe someone who could hit their notes.

Queen Latifah was good. Los Lonely Boys were good. Green Day was at least tight, if not particularly interesting. Mavis Staples was good.

Alecia Keyes--never heard her before. Very slick, very professional, very pretty. The new Aretha? Not even remotely.

U2 was borderline boring. J-Lo and Marc Anthony crossed that border going 120. Last seen heading south. I don't avoid mainstream pop music because I'm a snob. I avoid it because well, damn, y'all. It reeks.

Currently listening to these 2004 albums that weren't nominated for anything:

Bruce Hornsby: HALCYON DAYS
Mark Knopfler: SHANGRI-LA

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