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NetMusic Executes Contract to Acquire PAN,
The World's First Online Music Industry Network

Offhand, and with apologies to anyone who didn't immediately come to this sleep-deprived mind:

  • Meeting Richard Bugg, Richard Zvonar, and Chris Meyer--most of The Cosmic Debris--on PAN message boards.

  • Taking part in an international "telemusic" event, using PAN chatrooms as the source of text for live-performance voice synthesis.

  • Helping Doug Wyatt test the world's first MIDI-over-modem music program.

  • Writing a small rant to Keyboard magazine over a perceived slight against my beloved network.

  • Learning from Perry Leopold--PAN himself, money is just the droppings of success.

  • Stealing Perry's story about the records he gave away in the '60s, and the way they came back to him in the '90s, and giving it to The Inscrutable Whom in THE NIGHT MEN.

  • Identifying myself as "gukkle" (my PAN username) to Paul Lehrman, ten years after the PAN heyday, at his Ballet Mécanique recreation in New York; getting a cheery "Gukkle!" in response.

  • Appearing prominently in Paul's article in MIX about musical mysteries

  • Making graphics for Perry when he needed them for his various projects, never as fast as he would have liked them.

  • Being amazed that by merely adding to my username, I could email people on other networks!

  • Needing Perry to explain that to me maybe four times before I understood it.

  • Playing one of Atau Tanaka's electronic music inventions at an L.A. trade show--years later seeing him on TV in New Orleans, demonstrating the BioMuse, while I was there for the first film festival a film I scored ever got into.

  • Recording the soundtrack to that film in a 96-hour sleepless stretch at the studio of John Pond, another PAN member, in Sacramento.

  • Hosting on the PAN server for all these years--including now.

Thanks, Perry, for everything.

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