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MS Leader of Hope

Today's secret blog word: Email!

Sarah Weinman got a ridiculous letter from someone calling itself an agent; Paul Guyot got one from someone calling him a doodyhead; Lee Goldberg gets them all the time from people calling him out.

Their email rocks. My email sucks. Here's the kind I get. This was right between YOUR PROTEIN PUDDING ORDER HAS SHIPPED and DON'T MISS NEIL DIAMOND:

Now is the time to enter the 2005 MS Leaders of Hope awards

What is MS Leaders of Hope?

MS Leaders of Hope is a community program that recognizes people living with multiple sclerosis and their loved ones who have responded to the disease in ways that uniquely impact and inspire others. Your innovative way of facing the challenges of MS could help others.

Woohoo! Community! Loved ones! Innovative! Help others!

Hey, imagine that: It's sponsored by Biogen/Elan, makers of this stuff. They do care after all. They only ask for my address at the MS Leaders of Hope website so they can drop by once in a while and help me up if I've fallen in the shower.

And if you are one of seven exceptional winners, you and a guest will attend the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2005 where you'll receive $1,000 and be recognized as a Leader of Hope.

Second prize: Two trips to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's National Conference.

And that's good enough for me! I registered (real email address; fake mailing address) and navigated to where they want to hear my inspiring story in the category of TIME MANAGEMENT.

Describe the MS-related challenge that led to your idea.

Torrents of spam and junk mail from "communities" that are really fronts for large pharmaceutical companies waste my time and annoy me.

Please tell us about the creative solution you used to help you manage this particular challenge.

I throw away anything with a picture of Teri Garr or any other smiling, positive person on it.

I throw away anything that uses the word "community" as a way to get me to provide my mailing address.

I throw away anything that basically just fucking insults my intelligence and decency.

Please tell us how you have shared this idea and how it has inspired others.

I sent it to you. I assume you'll share it with everybody at the next meeting.

Thank You!

You're welcome!

You have successfully completed the online portion of the MS Leaders of Hope entry form. It's people like you that make the MS Community so vibrant and supportive.

You're so right.


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