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The roach next to my laptop says hello

In case this was a huge worry for you, yes, you can get online at the McDonalds across from Peepworld, near Times Square.

Just thought I'd put your mind at ease on this account.

I'm chowing through some Chicken Selects before interviewing a choreographer for I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. This is the second choreographer interview this week, and the last I hope to do. Filling the choreography position has been a bigger pain than I would have preferred.

Let's see what Google hits I get from this one; it's got roaches, Peepworld, choreography, and McDonalds.

And as long as I've got half an hour to kill... let's add a few more keywords, just to make my Google visitors that much more interesting:

Spontaneous human combustion
Lindsay Lohan's epiglottis
Snowmobile repair
Sex with aliens
Brain replacement therapy
Benny Hill reincarnated as sweet potato

This'll get my hit counter SKYROCKETING!

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