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ILY minus 4 days and counting

Journal entries with ILY in the titles are about the short screen musical
currently in pre-production.

Now we need a continuity person and 2-3 more PAs, and we're really done.

As of yesterday's phone call, Dave the DP and I are both feeling good about the schedule and the crew. More recent email has been with the illustrator of the FomeCore cutouts portraying God (in the Adam & Eve scene), a Philistine (in the Samson & Delilah scene), and Mrs. Borden (in the Lizzie & Mr. Borden scene) and the audio recordist.

Audio will be interesting on this film. We're taking another step up in complexity from what we did on CREDO. Not only are there up to three voices at a time to keep track of, but for costume reasons, the mic setups may vary in each of the three worlds in the story: Reality, Fantasy Vignettes, Apartment Interior.

("Costume reasons" means Adam and Eve may have nowhere to clip a lav mic to.)

These are also split into Men's Scenes and Women's Scenes. The Women's Scenes are the Apartment Interiors, and in the second of those, the women will sing.

I don't want a movie dialogue sound when that happens; I want to accentuate the beauty of the voices, so we'll be recording four tracks of audio to Pro Tools in that scene. Two tracks will be recorded close up, using a "mid-side" stereo setup that I didn't know about until Bob explained it to me, and the other two will be a more traditional classical music recording setup, with larger microphones farther from the source to capture the sound of the room--which you generally don't want so much of in movie dialogue recording. But the room is part of a classical vocal sound. An opera voice in an anechoic chamber isn't quite so gorgeous.

Two of those four tracks (likely the mid-side) will also be sent to the camera's audio inputs as a safety mix.

The use of the mid-side setup is Bob's response to my request that the stereo tracks collapse to mono without phase cancellation. (That means when you pump stereo through a single speaker, the waveforms from the left track don't cancel out the waveforms from the right track, which can happen if two microphones are offset from each other by juuuust the wrong amount of distance, which you don't know until you sum them to mono and listen.)

Just got email from Greg the choreographer. He can't get in from New Jersey because of the blizzard, so today's first choreography rehearsal is cancelled. I've got email out to see whether everybody else can get in, in which case we'll do our first readthrough instead.

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