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Tar Baby

Massachusetts governor apologizes for 'tar baby' comment
"Tar baby is a totally inappropriate phrase in the 21st century," said Larry Jones, a black Republican and civil rights activist.

"He thinks he's presidential timber," Jones said. "But all he's shown us is arrogance."
Anybody as tired as I am of ignorant dumbshits hijacking the language for their own agendas?

"Tar baby" refers to a sticky trap that's easy to be tricked into but hard to get out of. It's a literary allusion. Tar baby sit and don't say nuffin. It can also be used as a racial epithet. Using the former sense does not imply the latter.

"Niggardly" means miserly. It has nothing in common with any racial epithet except coincidental homonymity.

"Larry Jones" means "Loudmouth more interested in hearing himself talk than understanding or changing anything real."

I suppose all politicians are the same, whether they're white presidential hopefuls or black civil rights activists.

But nobody better refer to geese as "honky," or call the underside of a fish its "belly." That would be totally inappropriate in the 21st century.

And don't call them crackers. They're crunchy bread flats.

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