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More ranting about vanity presses

I posted this on Lee Goldberg's blog earlier today, and realized it was long enough to warrant its own space here. (And I'm waiting for video to render and uploading DVD art files, so I'm looking for something to do.)

It started with someone who made this comment:
And there is nothing disreputable about self-publishing and I rather resent it when people insist that it is.
Since this statement was made in the context of vanity presses, yes there is, and I get flippin' pissed off when people insist that there's not.

THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT TO SCAM YOU. There is nothing about that question that's the least bit in question, except in the minds of the ignorant and naive.

If you want to see your stuff printed and bound, and get (wow!) an ISBN number and see it (wow!) on Amazon, that's your business.

But Jesus Christ, you legion of suckers, open your goddamn eyes. Whether vanity presses have a place in the Grand Scheme of Things or not, they are parasitic entities that base their business models on the assumption that talentless wannabes will not only empty their bank accounts, but volunteer to become shills for other talentless wannabes.

That's their place in the Grand Scheme of Things. Parasites have a legitimate place in the food chain.

On the other hand, do you want to be published? LEARN TO ####ING WRITE!

If anyone would like to accuse me of being an angry person, let me beat you to it. I'm angry as hell, first at the lice that run these scams, and second at the waste of money and precious time that naive, idealistic wannabe writers sink into them. You're not one of those? Fine whatever--but that's their market.

Vanity press suckers can scream all they want that they ARE published, they ARE they ARE they ARE!!!, but that's all it is: Lots of screaming.

There's an actual publishing industry. It's as screwed up as any other industry--and more screwed up than some--but it's not evil. There is no conspiracy to keep newbies out.

Aspire to success. If you can't break in on raw aspiration, change your approach or your goals. But don't waste the irreplaceable seconds of your life--not to mention valuable karma points--promoting parasites.

And absolutely do not expect to promote parasites among those who know better and get away with it.

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