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The Writing Plan

Now that the film has shipped to the duplicator, here's The Writing Plan. I don't usually post "I'm gonna" stuff, but I need to build my writing momentum again.

  1. Nonfiction proposal, treated as freelance client. Get it done, get it shipped.

  2. Finish short story. This is concurrent with the proposal because I get to do one fun thing at a time, on top of the freelance graphics and audio work. (I have new clients on both those fronts.)

    The story is called ARMORED. I wrote the first draft for a short story contest Paul Guyot ran last year, but it wasn't good enough by the deadline.

  3. Once the story is done, use that couple hours per night to keep moving on the novel I put down a year ago, which I'm not saying anything descriptive about.
So that's The Writing Plan.

The Movie Plan and The Family Plan are outside the stated scope of this blog post.

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