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Countdown to transport

I just talked to my LBS (that's "Local Bike Shop," for you non-cycling-weenies), and he said I don't have to eat everything in the fridge, drink too much, and go insane with inactivity because after my subway commute home, it's too dark and cold to take the boys out and do anything.

He said my mood will be elevated, probably some time next week. I'll be nicer to my family, less constantly stressed, calmer and more energetic at the day job--to the point of actually soothing others--and I'll exploit the luxury of thinking about writing two hours a day.

He said my leg muscles will reinflate, I'll experience elation and nice views of the East River, and my increasingly constrictive belt will loosen up.

He said I'll have to pay $45 for UPS because they never order just one bike, but I can come in any time and order my 2007 Matrix, now shipping.

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