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God on web

Maybe you remember my rant about the God On Film Festival, and how frustrated I was that CREDO didn't qualify because of their no-profanity policy.

They never responded to me (too polite, I guess), but one thing I got out of the post was
Reverendmother saying "Hey, you should check out Real Live Preacher. He's got a potty mouth too."

(That's a paraphrase.)

So I went and checked him out, and although I've always been uncomfortable and awkward around organized religion, especially of the salvation variety, I found myself thinking, Okay... hmm... maybe this guy's not FOS.

(Last night in an IM with my friend Richard, who worked on CREDO and grew up in the Bible Belt, I wrote "Yeah, a liberal Texas Baptist preacher with a blog," and Richard typed back "IMPOSTER!")

Another thing I got out of starting to hang out at RLP was bumping into an expectant father of twins, which is how TheEdge came first to MultiDad and then to my blog.

Okay, so to continue the story. You may also remember my post about taking a road trip and going to hear Real Live Preacher really live preach when we were at the Syracuse Film Festival, and handing him a DVD.

He watched it a few nights ago and wrote to ask if there was a way he could link to it. There wasn't, but it seemed like the right way to finally go online with it. So I put a web page together, added a few extras (such as the RECORDING articles about how we did the sound), and today this appeared.

Which I think is pretty cool. Anyway, if you wanted to see CREDO and couldn't (or if you did and want to see it again), you can. There are versions up for new computers, older computers, and video iPods, as well as a downloadable MP3 of the soundtrack.

One of the exciting things about this is that we never got into any religious film festivals. So maybe now we can connect a little with people who would never have otherwise chanced upon the film.

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