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ILY at Mann's Chinese in Hollywood!

I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN is an official selection of the FAIF-AICAA Film Festival at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, September 13-19, 2007.

Besides just the abstract coolness of any acceptance, this is like totally rad for three specific reasons.

One--and admittedly, this is a very narrow personal interest--it's great to be at a festival where short musicals are exhibited in a fantastic theater with truly awesome sound. I mean... they're musicals. Sound is kind of important.

You can't beat Mann's Chinese for sound. When we were there last year with CREDO, it was downright thrilling to hear my mix. My entire mix. My entire mix, including stuff I forgot I even mixed into it because I couldn't hear it at any of the previous festivals. (Oh yeah! There's gentle rain on the roof in that scene!)

Two, CREDO ended its festival run there last year, and Larry and I both felt it was just the right note to end on. We got to tell people we were playing at the Chinese and meet a bunch of fellow filmmakers I previously only knew from the forums, I got to see my East Coat and West Coast collaborators at the same table (Larry and Blake in the same car--I can die now), we did the surround mix for ILY on the Paramount lot while we were there (overseen by our friend Patrick Hogan, director of Pope Dreams, a film that Larry, Blake, and I were all vastly relieved was truly excellent, so we didn't have to be uncomfortable with the guy doing us this favor) and just generally have a great time.

Three, I'm from Los Angeles, and visiting home is now a writeoff--and I have five months to figure out money, travel, childcare...

Angelenos, mark your calendars.

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