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Give my creation LIFE!

Because I find myself in possession of that precious jewel called uniquely positioned to exploit an untapped market niche, I'm not going to tell you what the subject is (though I'd imagine your first guess is probably a good one). However, I'm very happy and smugly self-satisfied to be done with the nonfiction book proposal I've been either banging my head against or trying to find time to bang my head against for the past year.

Done. Done! The damn thing is DONE!

It's good, too. I've put out a feeler or two for nonfiction agents, and I'll send it off as soon as one of them asks for it.

In Perfectland, the agent happens immediately, the contract happens in June, I spend July through September writing it, and I send it off to the publisher just in time to start the new graphics contract I've got lined up on Wall Street for October.

I've never been to Perfectland. I hear it's nice, but the residents are annoying.

Special thanks to Joe and Sharon, without whom I'd know even less what I'm doing than I do now.

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