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As good as a regular day gets

So let's see, taking it in order...

There's email this morning from Real Live Preacher, letting me know he linked to SELL IN HELL this morning. There have been over 1400 viewings of CREDO since he linked to it, so this is awfully da--uh, DARN cool.

(Can't say "damn" in a blog post that links to a preacher. Christ on a bun, the man is RELIGIOUS, for fuck's sake.)

Then at my contract job on Wall Street (I think I mentioned I quit my regular day job earlier this year), I got a 25% discount, ordering a top-drawer lunch of Swedish Meatballs and Lobster Bisque to be delivered from SeamlessWeb. Yesterday I had a truly lovely Hawaiian Kahlua Pork and BBQ chicken combo. When they say New York is a food town, they're serious--but only in a very small geographical area. Nearer to home, you got your knishes, you got your da--uh, darn good fuckin' pizza, or you got great Turkish. Or the diner. That's it. Or Starbucks.

So THEN I'm doing whatever it is I do at my contract gig, and up pops a subscription notice from Laura's blog, and I just, you know, happen to notice her new entry has the same title as my last book. Which makes me think, hmm, maybe Laura's new entry is about my last book. So I steel myself and go click!, and boy, is it about my last book. It's pretty great about my last book. So are some of the comments, which I can sort of bear to look at if I squint sideways.

After that, I did some more of whatever it is I do, and I ate some dadgummed terrific lobster bisque and meatballs, dagnabit, and turned in my invoice for the week, and now I'm waiting for two little perfect boys to wake up so we can go to the playground, and possibly the Turkish place now that I'm thinking of it, where they have Chicken Adana over Turkish flatbread with hot yogurt sauce, and Turkish beer, which the little perfect boys are not allowed to have any of.

As regular days go... Yeah, I'll take it.


Okay, so the Turkish outing didn't happen (little perfect boys slept until 8 PM, and then there was a tatami delivery to wait for), but I just found out (again, on Laura's blog) about the May 23 entry at The Rap Sheet. Since it was posted the day before yesterday, and I found out about it the day after yesterday, it averages out to yesterday.

So Bill... that's what you were talking about. Thank you!

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