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Act now! Supplies are limited!

I remember once doing a book signing with Matt Witten, at which he turned to me and said, after I blew a sale of one of his paperbacks:

Man, you really suck at this.

Which is true. I can't sell.

So all this tap dancing over the upcoming NYC premiere is uncomfortable. But it's also really kind of cool, because I've started seeing ticket sales show up with names attached that I don't recognize.

And the block of tickets I bought so I could offer that $12 price is now sold out.

I just bought another block of 16. They'll also be $12. However, once they're gone, that's it for that price. If I buy another block after that, they'll be more expensive. (It's a long story. Suffice it to say that ACE went out of their way to smooth something over so I could get the same discount again at all.)

The instructions are the same: Click on the poster above, enter credit card information or Paypal information, buy a day pass (it's not just a ticket, even though I keep using that term; it gets you into all the films, all day), and as soon as I get the notification of the purchase, I'll send you an email with all the latest screening/hang/party details.

I still think I suck at selling, but to quote Mac and Butch:

Yook! Yook!

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