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Tickets and bikes

This will be the last blog entry about how to get tickets. It's possible you're not sick of hearing about the NYC premiere (though I can't imagine that's true), but I'm sick of hearing myself talk about it.

I have to get the list of will-call names to the ticket company tomorrow. I can stretch it a day if there's some pressing reason--but if you were thinking of getting a pass, now would be the time to click the poster at the top of this page. The premiere at the ACE Film Festival is this coming Saturday.

The postcards are out at our local Starbucks:

The Paypal page now lets you buy more than one pass at a time:

There are 8 passes left at the $12 price. After you buy, you'll see a button that says "Return to Woolly Mammoth." Click it and you'll see all the screening, hang, and party details. You'll also get email from me with the same information in it.

And that's all you're going to hear anymore from me about that.

The North Fork Century is this Sunday. I'll be leaving the after-premiere hang on Saturday in time to get back to Queens, get my bike and backpack, distribute bye-bye kisses, and catch the 8:50 bus to Orient, where I'm crashing on a couch for a few hours and then riding the five miles to the Greenport start line. I did around 50 miles yesterday (Queens to New Jersey and back) to see how the new bike felt on a medium-distance run, and it all seems to be good. My knee hurt after around mile 40, so I did some web research. I'm gambling on iliotibial band syndrome, gambling that a faster cadence on smaller gears will help, and gambling on being a lucky diagnostician (because "good" certainly isn't an option).

Here's yesterday's 50-mile-ish ride:

Here's a closeup, explaining why the 50-mile figure isn't exactly a certainty:

Oh, you want an explanation of that funny zigzaggy thing?

Let's just say the signage between the West Side bike trail and the GW Bridge could be improved.

Let's also say the Jersey Turnpike looks different when you're going the wrong way. On a bicycle.

And let's also be clear that I made sure to distinguish to the road crew who helped me get off it that I'm not careless; I'm stupid.

But even with the humorous Turnpike story (oh, we laaaaaughed), the newly bulgy calf muscles (which Kathleen thinks are funny because I keep looking at them since she pointed them out), and the new, pretty, speedy orange road bike, the best ride of the week--in fact, of the year--wasn't one of my training runs.

Nope. Not even close.

See you Saturday, I hope.

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