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Last-minute Toronto screening and an iMix

I just got a last-minute request for permission to include I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN in Nuit Blanche, the big overnight Toronto arts and film event. Overnight as in... tonight.

So if you're in Toronto, and you're reading this blog right now, and you've suddenly got the urge to stay up all night and watch movies, here's what Shannonn Kelly (director of the ReelHeArt International Film Festival) wrote me:

The screening time is is play-as-you-go, but it will be in the last half of the event. In the Midnight to 7AM run because it's going to play with the other "cool films"- for the mature, artsy night-crawling crowd.

I stayed up until 5AM last season as and there were TONS of people roaming the streets ohhing and awh-ing-

We've been in Provincetown on nominal vacation for the last 6 days--nominal as in "this is supposedly a vacation"; possibly more on that when we've recovered. I was beyond burned out last week, but this week I'm merely exhausted and amazed that so much can go wrong in one vacation week. But one thing I did manage to do at a coffeehouse today was repair and reorganize my messed-up iTunes library and post my bicycling playlist to an iMix.

Unfortunately, it truncated my 100-song playlist to just the 74 that iTunes knows about, and the listing is alphabetical (I'd rather it were random, to reflect that this is an Autofill playlist for my iPod Shuffle; those of you who had no idea what that meant, just nod and figure it has something to do with randomizing song order), but here it is anyway:

I'd say 60% of these are absolutely-core-can't-do-without tunes, and the rest float in and out as I buy, become enamored, and then get tired of them.'s excellent for cycling.

And looking it over again an hour later, I'm irritated by what got excised. So here's a screenshot of the entire thing, including what you can't get on iTunes.

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