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The Seven-Year B**ch

Remember FUSE at the Frying Pan?

Probably not, unless you're Larry or Kathleen. FUSE was a "concert theater" group I was part of several years ago. (What's concert theater, you ask? All I know is that every time I said "Okay... so you mean opera," I was told, "No, it's not opera.")

So naturally, my contribution to the loose anthology of compositions written expressly for the rusted lightship the event took place on was a short one-act opera. The Ship That Lies At The Bottom was, in addition to the live stage portion, simultaneously a multimedia installation of tape recorders telling stories about the ship, the first project I ever did with Larry, and a sign from God that I really ought to be working in film.

Our composer friend Denise Broadhurst is how I got involved (her contribution was a wistful, regretful setting for sax, voice, and electronics of Stevie Smith's Not Waving, But Drowning). The others were people I didn't know until this project.

One was an affable guy named Dan Acquisto, whose piece was a beautiful women's quartet called The Ghost of the Wife of Seamus O'Neil (a few photos here). It's been six years and lots of sleep deprivation since then, but I can easily recall bits of it. Dan writes beautiful without the need for irony. If I had any time anymore, he's somebody I'd like to see sometimes.

Today I got email from him, linking to this.

You go, Dan.

Unrelated: I think the hi-res version of SELL IN HELL is working now.

Also unrelated: Or possibly not.

And lastly unrelated: iLike profiles really get skewed up when you're on vacation and using your laptop to play your children's lullaby CD.

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