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Back from vacation

I'm still reeling from what a perfect storm our long-overdue 2-week vacation was, starting with the unexpectedly filthy rental house (heed my words: never rent from a friend of a friend, ever)--and never recovering.

On the drive back, we tried to come up with Ten Good Things About The Trip. After four or so, we really started reaching.

Two of those are none of your business, but here are the other two:

  1. Every year in Provincetown, I see or hear some words that become a sort of free-floating mental Post-It for the trip. Last year, it was this sign, which has since reacquired the missing T, as well as (overheard, in a distractedly world-weary male voice):
    There are only so many times you can ride your bike up and down Commercial Street.

    This year we were there during Women's Week, and it was this, as the two women walked past us:
    So now Nikki's got a star on her forehead for the rest of her life

  2. The moment I set it on his head to see if it fit, he headed for the door, exclaiming that he had to go get a horsie. Then he spent ten minutes charging up and down Commercial Street, whipping it off his head and yelling YEEHAW!

    And called me "Cowboy" for the next two days.

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