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This is your brain on adrenaline.

Pretty much, it's flash-images. The white van door flinging open in front of you from the traffic lane. The knowledge that the handlebar won't clear it.

The interesting fact that you can't stand immediately. It takes a few tries.

The other interesting fact that when you were younger, you wouldn't have taken control of the situation this bullheadedly, ordering the guy out of the car, demanding his ID, and telling him where to stand while you photograph him and his driver's license with your cell phone. And him doing it.

Calling 911, though you can't quite remember why. Something to do with a police report. Which you also can't remember why you need.

The weird quick grin you share with the guy who doored you, when the cops still aren't there.

The feeling of looking forward to seeing how this all works, when a bicyclist gets hit by a door and calls 911.

Calling 911 two more times, each time explaining and them getting it wrong.

The three Thai men in the white van being joined by a Thai woman they know, who tries, in English barely superior to theirs, to smile you down and make you commit to things like "Who wrong?" and "Tell me what happen."

Saying "Why would I talk to you about who was wrong?" and "I just told you what happened" as many times as necessary.

Saying "All this because I fall down go boom?" to the fire truck, ambulance and two police cars that show up, driving the wrong way on the city's major artery.

The burly fireman saying "So you want me to put 'fall down go boom' in my report?" and you saying, "Yeah, would ya?" and him looking down and smiling.

Being asked repeatedly if you want to go to the hospital, and having to keep coming up with original smartass responses.

Sitting in the ambulance, getting vitals checked. Verifying that yes, you fell down went boom.

Walking home a bike with a bent front wheel, no chance of riding for the rest of the week, and watching all the idiots who don't wear helmets go pedaling by at night in traffic...

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