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C&P: A little more about the new developments

Saturday I had a three-hour flight delay, a half-hour flight, and a five-hour meeting in Syracuse with John Craddock, who is now the producer of Cupid and Psyche.

The Syracuse Film Festival has played a role in all my recent film successes. When Larry and I were there last April with CREDO, we took a road trip up to Cornell to see Real Live Preacher: Live At The Chapel!, and gave him a DVD. Which he lost, but eventually I got him another one and he asked to link to it at his blog, which is why it's now had somewhere around 1,500 viewings--and that's without ever putting it up at YouTube.

Then this April, we flew up there again with I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Five minutes after we wandered into the festival office, I mentioned to Christine Fawcett (with her husband, Owen Shapiro, one of the main festival people) that the feature I've been working toward could conceivably shoot in Syracuse. Eight seconds later, I was talking with John Craddock.

I'm exaggerating. It may have been two minutes. Whichever, the people behind the film festival were going into the bringing-film-production-to-Syracuse business at precisely that moment.

There was a longer conversation in John's car. There was a promise to send the script.

The script got sent. The script got read. The script got understood. We emailed. I flew up Saturday and we had an even longer conversation--in a pub this time--and then went to dinner with Owen, Christine, and a guy named Dennis who's working with the mayor's office to improve incentives to filmmakers in Syracuse.

Sunday, Owen drove me around and showed me some locations that could pass for Paris. (I didn't see any that could double for Phoenix, though. Why couldn't it have been the other way around?)

Today John and his people wrapped their second feature-length production, a supernatural thriller called LONELY JOE, which follows the psychological drama SESSION.

We'll have the prospectus together by December 1. Fundraising will begin at that time. I started some other gears turning and have begun to get some return emails.

CUPID & PSYCHE shoot date: Possibly 2008, Syracuse.

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