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Backed up

For a couple of years, I've been aware that all my MP3s, baby pictures, baby video, writing, and everything were not properly backed up.

The music and baby stuff live on an external hard drive in my sock drawer (there's no room for them on my laptop hard drive). The writing lives here and there, both locally and up at iDisk whenever I think to drag it over there, which is usually after every revision. But I just haven't had the disk space, the correct number of Firewire ports, the time, or whatever to organize it all and make sure current versions all lived in two different locations--the definition of "backed up." And without spending a few hours burning DVDs every few days and mailing them someplace (where?) I didn't have a way to make one of those locations an offsite backup.

As of today, though, 82 GB of my data is backed up in Utah. I got a service called Mozy that offers unlimited backup for five bucks a month. I got it in mid-October. Since then, my Powerbook has been doing pretty much nothing but uploading. It's not just that it takes lots of time to send .08 terabytes over a home DSL connection; it's also that the WiFi in our apartment constantly drops out, which breaks the upload connection, which makes the upload stop. But the upload automatically restarts, and as of this morning, I've got an elephantload of data honest-to-god backed up. The only things likely to destroy both my laptop and my backup are:
  • A 2,200-mile-wide meteor
  • Two nuclear warheads
  • Me
That third one is the most likely.

The Mac software at Mozy is beta, and I didn't entirely understand it and did delete some of my backup data. If you back up an external drive and then start another backup without that drive connected, Mozy deletes those files from the backup. But if you reconnect the drive and initiate another backup, you don't have to upload all the files again; As long as it's within 30 days, Mozy just goes "Oh, those are back? OK, I've got those already." Which can take a while, but not as long as reuploading. And from now on, the backups are incremental. Only things that have changed will be transmitted to Utah.

So that's one item crossed off my "sources of frustration" list.

Which is also backed up.

And as long as we're talking computers:

That's a YouTube version of the actual web ad you can see at CNet.

Cool ad via David McElroy

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