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Jewish Dumbshits League

I hit PUBLISH before I finished editing this, but screw it.

As though to prove that Jews are no one's inferiors in the astoundingly-self-serving intentionally-twisted-misunderstanding department, the Jewish Defense League released a news blat yesterday carrying the headline WILL SMITH THINKS HITLER BASICALLY GOOD.

Is this any different from Larry Jones making hay over a completely appropriate Uncle Remus reference?

It is not.

In each case, an eighth of a teaspoon of generosity makes it obvious what the original speaker meant. "Tar baby" referred to a sticky situation best avoided, and Will Smith's comment meant nobody thinks they're the evil one--including the evil one. But why be generous when you can intentionally take somebody wrong and spin it out as a press release?

Here's the CNN story.

Who's to blame? The little shits who issue the press releases, or the mob mentality that gives them their righteous impetus?

Considering that neither the little shits nor the idiot mob are capable of being what they're not, the people to blame are the smart ones who could slap them back but don't.

I'm getting more activist in my dotage. I still haven't picked up a picket sign, but at this point, it's because I'm too sleep-deprived, not because I just want to be left alone.

The JDL website says this:
The Jewish Defense League came into being to educate the Jewish people to the concept of Ahavat Yisroel -- one Jewish people, indivisible and united, from which flows the love for and the feeling of pain of all Jews. It sees the need for a movement that is dedicated specifically to Jewish problems and that allocates its time, resources, energies and funds to Jews.
Yeah, why work for the betterment of humanity? Jews only. We're the chosen people, after all. God said so.

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