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In order of random neural firing:

  • The tea break poll is back. See left.

  • I know two people who appeared in a recent episode of THE WIRE. A DVD of I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN to the first person who names them both in the comments. Offer void in Baltimore.

  • I had no idea how closely the Big-Boy Beds stage would resemble the Newborns stage. I haven't had even a halfway lousy night's sleep in over a week. Herding cats would be preferable.

  • A three-year-old who tends to dwell on things can be slowly redirected so he dwells on the key he needs to take care of all day so we can get home instead of the fact that Daddy has dropped him off at preschool to be slaughtered.

  • I'm slowly reading another actual book. James Lee Burke, THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN. It's impossible to say he's phenomenal without being clichéd. He's phenomenal.

  • Before that I was reading BORN STANDING UP, but it's disappeared.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train stuff is way fun.

  • I'm going to start reading friends' books again soonish.

  • The Cupid & Psyche prospectus is now pending the production design budget, which--a certain aesthetic being necessary--isn't the same as your basic indie drama budget.

  • My short story INTO STONE will appear online in the upcoming Spring issue of Demolition Magazine. An aside to other writers: Bryon's story notes actually make sense.

  • Lox and cream cheese on a salt bagel is worth the reduced lifespan.

  • Buying new expensive studded ice tires for your bike makes not so much sense when you're about to start taking your children to preschool in a fabric-covered bike trailer--because when the weather's bad enough to use them, you'll be taking a double stroller on the subway instead.

  • I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN screens Friday the 25th at Smogdance.

  • On his very first day at the preschool I need two punch codes and a hand scan to get into, Butchie kicked off his life of crime by escaping all the way down to first-floor building security by himself, where he was ultimately bagged by the screws and returned to lockdown. I'm not sure whether to punish him or teach him to plan better.

  • I need tea. Let's go see what you suggested...

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