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I think maybe Snyder is crazy

I was at a Starbucks near my day gig, just finishing up sort of not-crying in a manly kind of way at the ending of Carmac McCarthy's THE ROAD, when my Treo's email popped up a Google alert for a great set of reviews at The Über-Indie Project:
...both funny and serious, all the while telling a coherent, logical, and utterly absurd story within the confines of a fourteen minute musical. Think, for a minute, about what that entails. It's one thing to try and do a surreal musical dramedy, but to have it work, and work so well on a small budget....well....that's just crazy.

And I think maybe Snyder is crazy. He'd almost have to be. But, it's the kind of insanity we need more of in indie cinema. In short, we need more filmmakers like Keith Snyder.
I'm thinking of using the title of this post as the pullquote.

If you clicked here from the Über-Indie Project, welcome. Blog entries about the production of I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN have "ILY:" in their titles. You can either read them scattered among my other blog entries, or see most of them in one place at the film blog linked here. There are also storyboards, costume sketches, pre-viz videos, trailers, and I forget what else.

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