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The kind of trivia blogs are good for

Here's a PDF of what I threw together in a free moment and pinned over my desk yesterday. I'll put the translation in the comments.

SJ is conducting another two-week writing workshop in Italy. Go sign up.

33,000 words has been eluding me for the last week. I'll get there later tonight.

I've been reading again. Zadie Smith is talented but she frustrates me, and her Americans aren't. Jonathan Lethem is talented and he frustrates me, but I'm only eight pages in.

I really wanted to like Absinthe (Bohemia! Ritual! Hemingway! Wilde!) but herby licorice makes me make involuntary faces. Lucid gets one more chance, and then it's back to martinis and single malts.

The sound mix at the beginning of CARS is brilliant.

So are the human-voice sound effects in THE JUNGLE BOOK. (When Baloo gets hit in the face with a paw-paw, the sound effect is just somebody saying "Doink!")

Rachel sent me this link.

And this came via Reverendmother.

And this came from clicking around after that.

Yesterday morning I went into the boys' room when it was still dark, and said the name of the one who wasn't sleeping on the couch, and this very reasonable little voice said, "Yeah... I think I sleeping."

The other one marches in time to music from my iPod. Before he eventually loses the beat completely, his accuracy is within 20ms. He can do the same thing with the attacks in rubato classical music that he knows well.

I have to stop this now or I won't make my 33,000.

And you?

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