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Nothing but bikes

  • That equation I posted the other day? It's been disproven. Here's the new one:
    42 years + 400 pounds combined weight + 12% grade + 20% ruling grade + 23 gear-inches + 8 hours' sleep = 0 oxygen left within a 1-mile radius of the hyperventilating but arrogantly self-satisfied man at the top of the hill
    This was on the way back from River Run Playground this afternoon.

    But I'm still going to change the gears out.

  • From one novelist to another: If you're of a certain age and physical condition, and you write "ten-speed bicycle," you're revealing yourself as a writer of a certain age and physical condition. If it's somebody's uncle's thirty-year-old Fuji that's been in a garage all this time, or the owner is a vintage bike collector, the phrase can work--but AFAIK you haven't been able to buy new ten-speeds for what... a couple of decades now.

    We don't say "groovy" anymore, either. Unless we're debating the best tread patterns for foul-weather riding. And then we catch ourselves and make fun of it.

  • My new obsession

  • Last time I traveled, I spent over a hundred dollars on a bike ride. Taxi from hotel to bike shop, rental fee for POS hybrid that didn't fit me, taxi back to hotel. I have another trip coming up, and I'm seriously tempted to spend money I don't have on a small folding bike (something along the lines of what Larry just got!) and some sort of flight case. I'm giving it a few days for the impulse to wear off before I decide.

  • And if we only had a garage...

  • Now to go break the 40,000-word barrier.

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