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Enough about me

But no. Can there ever really be enough about me? Especially a short collection of the trivial kind of stuff that keeps people who want writing advice away from my blog?

(Here's the writing advice: Reach farther and let go of the banister.)

  • That was way too much stuff not about me.

  • Our friend Jerold registered to learn to ride a bike, my sister will probably skate down with us, and Mac and Butch will either be charging around in the vicinity of or sleeping in their bike trailer. Who else is going?

  • I started How Fiction Works on three hours of sleep yesterday and kept discovering myself nodding. In agreement and excitement, not off. (And he used the banister image I used in conversation a couple of years ago to mean exactly the same thing I meant, so I'm planting my retroactive moon flag.)

  • I have vanquished my handlebar paralysis by ordering three of them: a Dimension Trekking Bar, a Titec H-Bar, and a Delta Ergo. This may seem an unconventional but rational way of auditioning various handlebar setups, but it really has more to do with a very dry martini.

  • I never make any progress on the next novel--and yet somehow it's 22,000 words longer than it was when I picked it back up after chasing I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, AND I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN around the film festival circuit. 22,000 would have been a pathetic year before I became a father of twins--but despite how you may have thought I was going to end this sentence, it still feels that way. There's that voice that says "If you'd made a more heroic effort when you were exhausted, ill, exhausted, ill, and exhausted, it would be more like 30,000."

    Then there's that other voice that says, "Lose an additional two years off your actuarial table for a measly 8,000 words? Shut up."

    And the other one that says, "Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon, when you comin' home, Dad--"

    Daddy's been right here, guilt-mongering song. Slither off and make some other man feel bad.

  • And I linked to this way down here on the list so those who don't know me in real life would think I'm mentally balanced. Did it work?

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