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Summer Song

Sometimes I do music based on things I've recorded on my iPhone--often recordings of things my kids are saying or doing. I've used audio of squeaky swing sets, little goofy songs the boys made up on the way to school...this one started with a little ostinato one of them was humming in the bedroom.

While I was listening to all the audio I was removing from my iPhone to make space, I found another recording of the same boy with his mind completely gone at bedtime (which included his playing around with making the VU meters on iRecorder peg into the red); his brother yelling train announcements on a downtown subway platform (which included somebody wandering around on the opposite platform, playing a saxophone); the family having lunch at Grand Central Station; and a bunch of guys having a raucous conversation in Spanish outside our local playground, where I was sitting on a bench.

Here's some new music at the new blog.

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