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Fighting, without Fighting

I just got home from the toughest Hwa Rang Do class I've been too since I started attending again. One of the younger Black Belts was in attendence and he worked with me personally to get me ready for my Green Belt test this Saturday.

The hardest part was finding out that I didn't know a whole group of information. There are 3 kicking tests that I didn't know about, so I'm going to spending my time perfecting those in addition to my joint locking techniques.

I had a weird experience after my HRD class. These two guys (dressed like stereotypical gang bangers) were walking towards me on my way to the car. They started making smart ass remarks about my uniform (maybe I'll post a picture of me in it sometime). I was a little worried, because I may be a martial arts student, but I'm not an idiot. However, beyond being worried, I knew what to do if they decided to confront me. I could see it in my head, it all flashed through my mind in a split second. If they decided to jump the "freak in the dress," I knew what to do if they punched at me, or grabbed me, or rushed me, etc. It felt good. I was worried, but I was not afraid. I'm very proud of myself.

On another martial arts note, Jenn and I watched Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon last night, it was so awesome, and I was really amazed at how much it influenced movies since it's time. Star Wars even seems to have been influenced by Enter the Dragon.

I'm looking forward to watching other Bruce Lee and Jet Li movies with Jenn... really all movies. I look forward to watching all movies with Jenn. :)

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