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Not a Master... but close enough

I'm back from my Green Belt test. Outside of my _TERRIBLE_ performance on the written test, I performed very well on the physical aspects of my test.

They are going to let me take the written test again on Monday, so I think means that I did well enough to pass, but they want me to learn the information before really promoting me. Yay!

I had one mistake during my kicking tests, which I quickly corrected, but all of the kicking tests went very well. I got good height and speed on my jumping spin kicks, I had good balance through out... I'm very proud.

I couldn't have done it without Jenn's support, she is an amazing woman.

There was a bit of an incident during the sparring section of the test though. My opponent, one belt below me, was not following the sparring rules for our level correctly, namely sweeping my leg out from under me and punching me in the face. Don't get me wrong, the leg sweep he did was _awesome_, well executed, but it's just illegal at our level because we are still beginners. He got 25 push-ups and a lecture from Do Joo Nim for his lack of control (which he had to stay in push-up position during the lengthy lecture).

Anyway... I'm probably going to start rambling, so I should wrap it up. I _believe_ I'll be a Green Belt come next week, but I still need to pass the written test. Wish me luck!

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