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Spin Kicks and JournalScape

I had a blast in my first class as a green belt! I got to learn a little bit of the staff form, and I got a personal lesson from Do Joo Nim on how to do a "spin kick." (description below) Spin kicks are sort of like the kick that you really focus on learning during green belt. It was cool though, because I had one of those great martial arts movie moments, where there wisen old teacher is showing you how to do the manuever... and then when he thought I finally had it close enough he said, "ok, now, hundred more times" and walked away. Doh.... :)

I've been trying to find time recently to work on JournalScape, but I've been working on really creative things at work and I've been so much of my energy into HRD that it's been harder and harder to get up momentum on JournalScape. However, I promise, I will continue working. I can't say it's going to launch in August anymore. I really hate pushing delivery dates back.

Still wonderfully happy in life though. :)

Keep in mind that different martial arts name things differently, this is a spin kick defined by HRD. A spin kick goes like this... you spin around on one foot like a dancer, but during the spin the other leg is straight out and swept around in a circle. A side kick is one that you push your leg out straight to the side and hit with your heel. A spin kick is like taking that kick and spinning 360 degrees.

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