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Fight Fire with Water

I've been watching the news, like most people, about the War on Terrorism. I'm afraid that we are going to stoop to the level of the terrorists.

Bush is talking about starting a war with terrorists, but I don't think it's really going to end up as a war against specific people. I'm afraid what they are going to do is start wars with the countries that are harboring the individuals. However, in my opinion, this is just going to throw the innocents of that country in the line of fire, which is the same thing the terrorists did to us.

When the attacks happened, the media started talking about Osama Bin Laden. They mentioned that he performs terrorist attacks because of US policies that he disagrees with. Regardless of what those policies are, if we attack countries who harbor terrorists and kill innocents in the process, we are no better than the terrible people who hijacked those planes.

I'm in favor of the US taking strong action against terrorists that attack the US (or its allies), however, I'm afraid their attacks will not be properly focused.

It goes along with my fear that the US doesn't know who planned the Sept 11th attacks. I'm afraid that this War on Terrorism is being used to hide that we don't know who did it. What am I trying to say.... *sigh* For example, we know Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist, so we'll attack him (and whatever country that is helping him). He isn't neccessarily the one who planned the recent attacks on us, but since he is a terrorist, he's covered by the War on Terrorism. That gives us an enemy to vent our immediate aggression on, regardless if he is the proper target.

I'm already repeating myself, but I'm afraid we are going to fight fire with fire, when we need to be fighting fire with water.

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