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Supremely Stressed
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"You will test November 3rd"

I haven't been sleeping too well the last week or so, and I came to the realization yesterday that I'm stressed out. It always seems to sneak up on me. I'm usually really laid back about everything, and I usually only feel stress (or feel it enough to realize it) when it's this huge towering pile of responsibility.

I've been given a project at work that is incredibly important. I work for the web hosting division of a telecomm company, and I've actually been asked to work on a project outside of the hosting division. This single project is responsible for 4 times the revenue that the entire hosting division brings in. No pressure, huh?

It wouldn't be that stressful, except that I have to write it in Java. I'm used to writing everything in Perl, which is a whole other animal. I feel comfortable with it, I can go into my boss and say, "What do you want it to do?" and I am confident that whatever he asks me to do, I can and with respectable efficiency. However, I've only ever written Java in small bursts and never professionally (not really anyway).

For those non-programmers out there, let me give you an analogy to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. If writing an application in Perl is like writing a novel with a free form style, writing an application in Java is like writing a novel-length poem with a strict formatting rules. Java is a REALLY structured, but don't get me wrong, that's a really good thing, it just makes building it harder. It makes applications more robust. I've even been pushing my boss to let us code in Java, however, I didn't expect to be thrown in head-first into such an important project. I hoped to start small.

As you can tell, I'm stressed enough to ramble about technical details you don't really care about.

Add to that the stress of finding a Chinese restaurant to have our wedding and reception in, that looks nice, will let us have a DJ and dancing, and didn't get rated a B by the health department.

If all that weren't bad enough... Do Joo Nim told me that I'm testing for Purple belt on November 3rd. The surprise isn't that I was going to test, I've been planning on testing in Novemeber, but the tests are normally the second Saturday of the month... I thought I had a whole other week of practice...

..and I don't even know the National Anthem (we have to sing the National Anthem at our belt tests from now on). I'm screwed.

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