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Happy and warm and awesome and...
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Rain, rain, don't go away..

Yesterday, Jenn and I had plans to his the park and do some martial arts practice if it didn't rain.... and boy did it rain. It was awesome. The rain lasted almost all day.

Instead of trundling off to the park, we moved out to the couch with all of our blankets, started a fire, opened all of the windows (so we could hear the rain), drank hot chocolate and played Play Station games all day. :) :) :)

It was awesome... we had so much fun. First in the PS was Twisted Metal. At times a little frustrating, but I'm sure will improve with experience. Followed by a little Super Puzzle Fighter, a neat little puzzle game that is tetris like but several variants away. Then on to Monster Rancher.

I've never played Monster Rancher, and let me tell you, this game is awesome. You may be saying, "that game is totally old... where have you been?" Well, I've never had a PS, so it's new to me ok? :P

The basic idea of the game is very Pokemon. You raise monsters to fight in tournaments and win money, so you can raise bigger monsters to fight in bigger tournaments and win bigger money, etc. The single coolest thing about this game is how to get the monsters though. You can get any of the three "basic" monsters in the market in the game, but everything comes from you... more specifically your CD collection.

You can go to the Shrine in the game and ask to create a monster, and they tell you to put a different CD into the Play Station. So you take your favorite audio CD, throw it in and voila! I think it looks at the number and length of the tracks to create some sort of hash code to select which monster you get.

So, Jenn and I spent an hour or so trying different CDs and seeing what they would get. There is apparently a REALLY rare monster called a pure Gali (main attribute Gali, sub attribute Gali) and the only CD Jenn's ever seen it come out of was a Spice Girl's CD, but I found one in one of my first few tries with a Best of Jerry Lee Lewis CD. :)

We created many monsters, and raised a couple, mainly a fiesty little Rabbit-Naga named Tommy from the USC Marching Band Soundtrack. All in all, it was a perfect day. :)

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