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Wonderfully Happy
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Merry Christmas!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Today is Christmas and Jenn and I are getting ready to head off to my family's house for the day. Last night, Jenn, Nancy and I had our little roommate Christmas together, and when Nancy left for church, Jenn and I had our private little Christmas together. It was fun and romantic and silly and special and all of the wonderful things it could be. :)

One of the really fun recent suprises was the packages we got from Jenn's mom, Marty. We knew to expect a package for Jenn from Amazon, and we knew to expect a couple of tins of cookies from Marty, but what we didn't expect was two HUGE boxes of presents from Marty! It was incredible! :) She even bought two stockings, filled them, and included them in the boxes! Thank you, Marty!

So, on to the details... I got MANY wonderful things, so please forgive me if you gave me something and are reading this, and I don't mention it.

Among other things, Nancy gave me a pair of Harry Potter Slipper-Socks and a cute picture frame with three pictures of Jenn that I can swap out. :) First, let me say, my feet already love these socks. I work from home in the morning and I often have to fight to keep my feet warm. :) The picture frame is going up at work, too. :)

Marty sent along quite a few gifts, some of the highlights being a PS2 memory card (don't have a PS2, but keep your fingers crossed for me when we go to my parents house today), a J2EE Java book, the Usual Suspects on DVD (love this movie), and a Polo Tech vest. :) Thank you, Marty, you are so sweet!

After the roommate Christmas, Jenn and I sat down for our private Christmas. We've both been really saving for the wedding, and were kind of worried that we didn't get each other enough stuff, so all of Nancy and Marty's presents really helped alleviate any of that. :)

Jenn got me three rad shirts and a pair of comfy pants from Banana Republic, the new Staind album (I really like singing to their songs, and Jenn loves to listen to me sing... :) ), and a rare book on the Korean mindset/teachings of cultivating Ki power. That's so cool!

This is my second Christmas, and it's been even more wonderful than the last. I want to spend all Christmas' with Jenn (and will!).

We're just about to run off to check on Ken and Shelley's kitties and then to my parents house!

Merry Chri'mas!

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