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Tired... very Tired
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Wedding Countdown: No Sleep Makes Jack a Dull Boy

The knot in my shoulder only got worse and it kept me (and therefore Jenn) up all night. It was ridiculous how painful it was... I took some alleve and a hot shower which helped me sleep an hour or so, but that's about it. If this doesn't get any better, I'm sleep outside tonight so Jenn can actually rest.

However, we must press on! Sarah took on the task of wrapping all of the rest of the presents that we are giving to people, yay! She's awesome at wrapping stuff too, very creative, it's interesting to watch her work. Then... breakfast at Daichan.

I love Daichan, it's a Japanese Soul Food restaurant in Studio City (soul food as in it's everyday home japanese cooking. There is a popular misconception that Japanese cooking is all sushi and all raw). We ordered my nummy things and I had 3 bowls of miso soup, mmmmmm... so good. Interesting factoid about miso soup, it is basic in nature, so it counteracts the acidity of your stomach. It makes you feel very calm inside and it a warm bowl of goodness.

We went home and I began the mountain of laundry that must be conquered before packing for the honeymoon. Sarah and Jenn napped and then headed out to the mall for some jewelry and whatnot.

Then... on to Sorriso with Jenn's family for a wonderful dinner.

Then... home to finish packing for the honeymoon.

Must sleep.

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