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Very VERY Happy :)
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Back to life... back to reality...

Jenn and I got back from our honeymoon Saturday night, and we're starting to ease back into daily life. :)

We spent a week in South Lake Tahoe, and we had an absolutely amazing time. We drove up the day after the wedding and stayed at a lovely resort at the base of Heavenly (a ski resort/mountain if you are not familiar... I wasn't until we got there). We relaxed, saw the beautiful surroundings, played in the snow, sat in the hot tub, watched some Buffy on DVD, and played a lot of Final Fantasy X. :) It may not be your standard honeymoon, but to us it was incredible.

The day after we got there we drove around the entire lake. It's really big. It's also really beautiful, the lake and the sky were SO amazingly beautiful, I was astonished. Jenn tried to get some pictures, but we're not sure who well they will represent the actual scene.

There was barely any snow when we got up there, but there was a forecast for some snow on Wednesday, so we were looking forward to it. I've never ski'd (hmm.. I wonder what that word is supposed to be) or snowboarded before, so I was very excited to take a lesson. I was primarly interested in snowboarding, and I was going to try both if I had time, but it didn't work out.

We looked at the brochure's for Heavenly, because we were right next to it, but it was almost entirely advanced slopes, so I wasn't sure it would be a great place for my first outting. So, we went to Sierra at Tahoe. We decided to check it out on Wednesday to see if we liked it and get a few questions answered so we could come back on Thursday and have fun. Well, half way up the hill, we realized, the snow was getting much thicker, and the ice was starting to form. Now, we're driving in my Honda Accord, no 4 wheel drive, no snow tires, no changes.. so it was an "exciting" drive. We finished out way to the top, quickly ran in and got the info and ran back out. I've never driven in snow before, so Jenn took over and got us down safely. :) We decided to take the shuttle the next day... 4 wheel drive, snow tires, chains, and very heavy. Perfect. :)

We had a blast on the mountain, but we like most people bugged out early, because the snow was turning into a blizzard. The entire world would turn white for a few seconds every once in awhile. It was very cool. :)

We went out and did something fun every day we were there, but we also managed to log about 25 hours playing Final Fantasy X. :) It's one of our lazy pleasures, just curling up in the bed and being happy together... while saving the world.

*happy sigh* We're back now, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. Working on laundry, got a small bug report while we were gone, so I'll see if I can "find the time" to fix it today.

I'll probably go back fill an entry about the actual wedding now.... :)

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