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The First Needle Hurt

I hurt my neck/back in HRD class the other week, and the pain wasn't going away. Do Joo Nim said that if it continued to bother me, he would give me acupuncture to help work it out. So...

The first needle hurt, but I didn't feel any of the others. It was really neat. He started with one in my hand, then some along my arm, then several in my shoulder and two in my neck. I laid there for 15 minutes, and then he took them out. I wasn't 100% cured or anything, but I certainly jumped from like %60 to 90%! :)

Acupuncture is supposed to stimulate and restrict the flow of energy through your body, and it is designed to bring your body back into balance, and it works on animals, which means it isn't a placebo effect. I cannot deny the stimulation of energy that it created! When I got up from the table, I was totally amped. I was constantly moving my hands and shuffling my feet because I was so energized. My back relaxed quite a bit, I've been able to sleep much better. It was very cool. I am probably going to have another session tonight to finish it up.

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