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Hit and Run

Jenn and I flew to Maryland Friday afternoon, arriving late that night. Got up the next morning, went to the East Coast Wedding Reception, went to a music party at Rick and Audrey's house, slept for an hour and got back on a plane headed for Los Angeles on Sunday morning. *phew*

It was very strange being there for so little time. Everything was pretty cool though despite the tiredness.

Marty, my new mom-in-law, made us breakfast Saturday morning and we all talked a little bit. Lots of the new extended in-laws started arriving at the house and I got to meet people and put faces to all of the names I've heard about. I think I made a good impression with everyone. :)

The reception was really nice, Marty did a great job. I got to see some of Jenn's old friends again, including Rick and Audrey, and John and Elisa. It was really nice to see them, again, we talked about all sorts of things. The only down-side is I'm still not getting a friendly response from one person in particular, whom I shall refer to as the Coldhearted One®. It's not actually a down-side, because I really could careless if this person doesn't like me, so, feh. Screw em.

A major highpoint in the afternoon was Stacy! She, Raime, and her mom drove down from PA for the reception. It was SO good to see her, and let me say, DAMN! She looks so good! She looks happy and healthy, and she's lost more weight that she put on during the pregnancy, so she's doing well for herself. Of course, Raime was adorable, and even well mannered. Marty's entire year was made whole when Stacy let her hold Raime. :)

The music party afterwards was very cool. We got to talk to John and Elisa some more before they left to crash out for the night. It was good to see Cletus again, we have only had a handful of conversations and they've all been about music, but they are always very sincere and intellectually fulfilling. As weird as that may sound.

I even got to participate in the music party! The music parties are BYOG, Bring your own guitar. They just all sit around playing and singing. I, of course, do not play guitar, so I sit politely and listen to the good music. Well, Cletus told me that Audrey does a mean Baby got Back by Sir Mix a Lot *smirk*, so we proded her into busting out, and I joined in with her. We kinda hit a few rough spots, so she ran and put the CD on and we went through the whole song! WOO HOO! It's one of the worst songs and one of the best songs ever, all at the same time.

Good times.

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