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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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Sam Kub-errific

I tested for my Hwa Rang Do Brown Sash (Sam Kub in Korean) this last Saturday and it went very well. I was worried my hurt leg was going to hinder me, but it only caused me one problem during the test and I think I recovered pretty well.

My techniques all felt strong, my staff form was good (although to avoid killing the spectators I did have to alter my footwork a little due to a lack of space). I think I held my breath during my sparring section, because my energy completely drained away in like two seconds. :/

One of the big surprises for me was my kicking test. It have to perform 6 kicks in 3 seconds (and no, I can't just use the same foot to kick 6 times, I have to alternate feet on every kick). My first attempt was 3.27 seconds... a-boo. Second attempt... 3.04 seconds! woo hoo! That's really all a matter of significant digits.. if we're talking about tenths of a second, then I totally had a 3.0 time. :)

Been spending a LOT of time working on JournalScape. Not too much of it is visible yet, because I've been rewriting the underlying structure, making it all object oriented. That task is complete though! woo hoo!

Starting working on a new color-scheme structure that will give us more flexibility and help us to add more color schemes (as that seems to be the largest common vein in the suggestions box).

I forgot to mention my brother Stuart's birthday last Sunday, so Happy Birthday bro! Mom's birthday is coming up too, gotta get her a card. *makes mental note*

Went to an Outer Space/Disco party at Kyle's place last night (it was weird, trust me). I saw quite a few people I haven't seen in awhile... Of course, a couple of those people have been purposely added to the "Don't Want to See Anymore" list, but since it's so hard to find time to hang out with the good ones I have to take the oppurtunies when they are offered.

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