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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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New Routine

I'm still settling into my new wake/work/live/sleep setup, but I think it's a good one overall. For quite awhile I've had the luxury of waking at my own time without use of an alarm clock. Those days are unfortunately on hold for now. I'm up at 6am (could be worse) so that I can shower and get to work by 7am.

My work day consists of trying to find tasks to keep myself busy during my 4-7 work schedule, working on the projects they actually do give me, teaching myself new things, and improving my foos-ball skills. My co-worker/office-mate and I have decided to be a permanent team. We may not be the best, but some day, SOME DAY... we will win and then gloat forever. :)

Interestingly (to me anyway) I have a "work's over alarm".. there is a building across the street and at 4pm the angles between me that building and the sun line up perfectly and blind me. So, it's like the universe is saying, "Hey Kenny, time to leave." :)

Some nights I go straight home, the drive is bad but not terrible. Some nights I go to Hwa Rang Do. The drive is again bad, but not terrible. I get to class around 5pm but it doesn't start until 7pm... so more excercise and practice for me! My friend who also studies HRD is changing up his work schedule a little so that he can get to the dojang around 5pm too. We're going to take advantage of the extra time so that by the time we get to 1st degree black, we'll be very well versed in all of the material for all of the belt levels.

I'm pretty darn tired when I get home and recently haven't had much personal fun time, because I've been dealing with external problems (websites down, mail servers being weird, etc)... I'm still going through that, but it's slowly getting better.

On a severe geek note, I'm installing Red Hat Linux on my laptop. It was a Win95 machine until my recent and complicated attempt to ressurect some DBM files. I tried installing FreeBSD on it (the OS the DBM files were created on), but it refused to install. I got around the need to install FreeBSD on the laptop, so I decided to just install Win2K on it and give it a new life. However... Win2K wouldn't install either.. :P

So.. I got my grubby little hands on some RedHat Linux installation CDs and damn if the installer isn't slick. It's recognized everything (save one, but that one thing is apparently a wide spread problem with my hardware manufacturer). It's just humming along happily installing everything. :)

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