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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Do or do not... There is no try.

Today was very productive! I got some good code done at work, did my XML lesson for the day, played some good foos, took some documentation to the bank, gamed with Jenn, updated my Hwa Rang Do journal with all of my recent techniques, learned some more about NetBeans (a Java development environment I'm trying to learn), and even created the next object (an ActionForm for those who care) that is neccessary in my Struts Web Application! phew!

The subject of this entry was prompted by a statement made by my master, Do Joo Nim, to me on Monday. Do Joo Nim wants Kyle and I to test for Red sash this month so that we will have 4 months to complete Red and 4 months to complete Half-Black so that I can test for my 1st degree Black sash in Korea.

First, let me say, I have often thought about trying to test in Korea because... DUDE... would that just fucking rule or what? However, I have put it out of my mind because after doing the math, there were
quite a few techniques to learn in that span of time and I really didn't think it was possible. So... I decided to just continue moving forward at a comfortable pace. After all, there is no end point so what's the point in rushing?

Well, Do Joo Nim doesn't look at it that way. From his perspective, in no uncertain terms.. I am testing in Korea. (internal giddiness briefly wins out over looming fear and stress). Well, when he said this to me, I said, "Yes sir, I will try." He responded with the scolding voice saying, "Do not try, must make commitment!"

So, here I am. Up to my eye balls in geeky things to learn in addition to my commitment to prepare myself for the Black sash test this fall in Korea.

My life is full and good. Wish me luck.

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