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Brain Salad

I had a really good class tonight. Before class I warmed up by doing all of my forms and when Kyle showed up we did all of the forms again, but this time with pushups or situps in between. It's not a tremendous number of pushups or anything, but let me tell you it's quite a workout! I think I'm even starting to actually see some definition on my shoulders. :)

Kyle and I helped try to help a new student with some basic info. A lot of times the new students don't get special attention and it makes it really hard to figure out just what the heck is going on. So, we're attempting to help the situation. He seemed grateful and took to the information pretty well. Unfortunately, after we prepped him on how class goes and what he should do at each part, the instructors totally deviated from the normal pattern. *sigh* Ah well.

Due to a schedule shift of the move-in day for the new office space, I had today off (they told us we'd have today since they would be moving, but the move is happening next weekend instead and some people had already made plans, so...). It was good.. I tried to do 3 or 4 geeky things, only one of them worked out so that was a little frustrating but I've decided to focus on the one that worked. *nods determinedly*

I'm really enjoying programming in Java. I'm basically trying to code anything I can get my hands on. I figure, I'm enjoying it, I'm learning stuff and better preparing myself for the certification test.

That reminds me though, I need to find out the certified testing centers and determine if there is a testing schedule of if I can just take the test anytime.

That also, strangely, reminds me I need to get my passport... now where did put those forms... *wanders away*

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