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Civilization... (about war)

*warning, harsh language approaching*

Today, I was watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN and I was revolted at the amazing amount of yellow journalism.

CNN was showing some footage of a meeting between Saddam and some other people. One of those people was a woman and Blizter starts talking about how this woman is believed to be the infamous "Dr. Germ," the head of Iraq's biological weapons department. He talks about how having her at this meeting is most likely a statement to the rest of the world about Iraq's ability to use biological weapons against anyone who attacks them and about how this is a scare tactic being used by Saddam. Then the British correspondant who has been talking with Blitzer on and off during this segment interrupts and says something to the effect of, "Wolf, I believe I've seen the pictures you are looking at and that woman is not Dr. Germ but who is a member of Saddam's cabinet." At this point, Blizter IMMEDIATELY says, "Yes, I'm being handed some updated information right now, that this isn't the Dr. Germ I was speaking of earlier, however if this had been Dr. Germ it would have made an interesting statement to the world to have her here at this meeting so that she could be publicly seen as an advisor to Saddam..."

I was FURIOUS! He was making all sorts of conjecture about the meaning of Dr. Germ's presense... but it wasn't even Dr. Germ. Secondly, when he was corrected by a person who wasn't even looking at the footage with him he accepted SO FAST he must have realized that was he was saying had no foundation... and third, after he was corrected and agreed that it wasn't her... HE CONTINUED WITH HIS CONJECTURE based on if that woman WAS Dr. Germ! *screams*

I fucking HATE these people.. they are trying to instill fear in us just as much as any terrorist is. They may not be trying to kill us like terrorists are, but dear fucking god when will bullshit end?

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