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The Ring

I watched the movie The Ring last night and I'm still freaked out. In my opinion it was a really scary movie... not 'jump out of your seat' scary, but more of a 'try not to look in the mirror or you might see something evil standing right behind you' scary. I sat down to watch it during the day so that I could always escape to the light if I needed to. Jenn was with me not so much as a movie-goer, but more as morale<sp?> support for me during the scary parts. By the end of the movie, I was pretty freaked out, but within an hour I was "ok". I wasn't freaked out to walk into a dark room or anything. Then we went to bed... and as soon as my head hit the pillow (still awake) my mind could only think about The Ring. I kept seeing imagery from it and the scariest shit my brain could dig up. *sigh*

I wish I knew what it was that prevents me from letting these kinds of things go. It's like I have several child-like fears, but changed into more sinister versions as I got older.

For example, is anyone out there familiar with the Bloody Mary game? You go into a dark room with a mirror (commonly a bathroom) and you have to look in the mirror and say the words "Bloody Mary" a certain number of times and then you supposedly will see something scary in the mirror. I did that at a slumber party as a kid (but nothing scary appeared in the mirror for me) and I've been afraid of looking into mirrors in a dark room ever since. I can't remember if I was afraid of mirrors in the dark before that though... so I'm not sure if it means anything.

Regardless, it's a stupid childish fear but my mind refuses to let go of it. *sigh*

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