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Underworld? Oversuck.

Before I jump into my rant, head over to Jenn's Journal and give her snaps for finishing AND submitting her first novel!

We received Underworld from Netflix and decided to watch it last night.

Now, I did Vampire/Werewolf stuff. I played Vampire: The Masquerade Live Action in The Camarilla for many years. I never expected that Underworld was going to blow me away, I expected it to be ok. I was oh so surprised... it sucked SO HARD I'm having trouble actually finding the words.

The vampires really didn't have much in the way of powers, I'm not sure how they have actually survived in a war with werewolves for so long, the weapons were really stupid (why didn't I think of putting sunlight into a bullet?), the dialogue was horrible, the history of the world SUPER weak... none of it made sense. The Elder vampires in the group all stay in asleep except for one. That one reigns for 100 years and then wakes up one of the others who will reign for the next 100 years... and of course when the first elder gives their blood to the second elder all of the memories get transferred to the second elder.. ? Anyway, they do this because "it's the only thing that has let us survive for so long" as one Elder describes it. However, the main character has been awake and kicking ass in the war for more than 600 years at this point. Why again is it that the Elders have to do this leap frog crap? Whatever.

The fight scenes range from mediocre to bad. The only thing it has going for it is... it is Gother Than Thou. :) It's really just a collection of interesting images of the main chick in some gothy pose.

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