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From Bali: Selamat sore!

Pronounced "slah-maht sor-eh" and means "Good afternoon!"

Jenn and I have been walking around Ubud, Bali for while and found a little Internet room and decided to take a little time to relax and enjoy a little bit of home. :)

It's really awesome here! I'll be posting many journal entries when I get back, so this will just kind of be a teaser. Some things you can look forward to:

- Find out about my harrowing experience when I was attacked by two evil, screaming monkies!
- Learn what weird things Kenny has eaten!
- Hear about how it's not really all that exciting that the water goes down the drain in the other direction!
- Find out how $200 dollars suddenly becomes a SCARY about of money!

We've only been here two days and the digestive tract in intact! Woo! (knock on wood) There's actually a surprisingly large "Western" influence here, and by "Western" I mean "Australian" which is really in the East. I didn't realize it but Bali is remarkably close to Australia.

The only bad thing about this Internet room is that the browsers installed on the machines are so old that they don't support GMail. I figured I'd just use the old webmail I installed on journalscape for these kinds of occasions, but that product is primitive and right now I've got to have thousands of spam in my inbox and the webmail program simply can't hack it. Poor little guy. So... I'm actually downloading Firefox so I can install it on this machine and check my email with a modern browser. Hehe!

It's taking a while, but the rates here are ludicriously cheap. It's 200 Rupiah for 1 minute. Which means it's 12,000 Rupiah for an hour. Sounds like a lot, eh? It's $1.33. It's one US dollar and 33 US cents. For an hour. Nice.

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