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My food hates me

I have acne.

It was really bad in my teens, I tried several different acne medicines to little effect until Acutane. It's this vicious medicine, that is essentially a toxic dose of vitamin A. It permanently cures you, it's pretty damn cool. I needed one more dose, but the medicine was so harsh I couldn't handle it. So... I still have acne. Overall, my acne is very mild, but the original severity shows through every once in awhile.

*sigh* Sometimes when it's on my back it can hurt so much that it keeps me from sleeping or exercising. So, I decided to talk to Do Joo Nim about it.

He looked at my acne and felt some points on my wrists and told me that my diet is affecting my skin (basically what Jenn has been telling me forever).

Soda? No, not ever.
Chocolate? No, not ever.
Cheese? No.... but only for awhile.

*sigh* Soda, that doesn't hurt so bad, because I actually enjoy water. Chocolate? That's harsh. Chocolate is the worst of the group too. Chocolate is your close friend in times of stress. *sigh* Cheese? I can't... eat... cheese? That's half my diet! Thank goodness it's only temporary. After a couple of weeks, when my body is cleansed I can eat it again, but only little bits here and there.

Ok.. so I have to give up a lot... but that's not all. Seafood. No, not give it up. I have to start eating it. :/ I don't eat seafood. Really not at all. I told Do Joo Nim that I don't eat seafood and often it upsets my stomach when I try it. He offered me several suggestions for different types of fish and Jenn went with me to the store to help me find fish things to eat.

My food hates me.

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